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"We can never see ourselves as others see us."  Lee Aldridge

Soul Story Creative is a collective of amazing professionals.  

We believe in everyone living the joy of their own genius. We don't claim to be your end all. We have spent years cultivating a network of brilliant partners and are within arm’s reach of anyone in the business to meet your needs.
We partner with ONLY the best - from Lead Generation, PR & Publicity, Sales management, Product Launch, website developers designers, and Digital Marketers including Social Media Managers, we have a hoola-hoop of brilliant marketing innovators ready to help you. This is why it works. 


We are no nonsense, crazy creative, and marketing strategy smart. 






We don't tell you who to be.  

We show the world who you are. 

Every step of the way you will be guided with compassion and thoroughness to your authentic, clear, and cohesive brand identity. 



Brand Strategist, Business Coach, Writer

Lee Aldridge is a conscious kick-ass woman entrepreneur making a huge impact.  Having been CEO of her own photography studio for over 35 years, Lee captured the soul of her subjects through photography.  She then reinvented her genius into Soul Story Creative, a full-service boutique brand creation house. 
With her savvy intuition, her creative eye born of years behind the camera, and her innate business and marketing ingenuity, Lee is the life force behind making brands that stand true and stand out.  
Her #1 goal is creating an brand presence that builds revenue and uniquely reflects who you are through the next five years of your business plan.
In addition to working with clients, she finds joy is sharing a rich life of music and nature with her partner, Jeff, playing with her ‘cat’ companion Trixie, and traveling out of her comfort zone to spark new creativity, confidence and adventure!


Copywriter, Brand Strategist, Video Storyteller

As a soul-based copywriter, media specialist, and brand strategist, Jeff brings much more than just words to your messaging. 
Jeff brings depth and richness to what he creates for his clients. Storytelling with words and video is an art, and Jeff has a gift of creating a compelling narrative that moves audiences.  

Combining his intellect with intuition, Jeff helps business owners express their true message across all of your channels through words, video, and music. 



Visual Brand Strategist, Art Director, Graphics Designer

With a background in fine art and photography, Alex has her degree in graphic design and has been a contract graphic designer and brand consultant for over a decade.
Alex is a highly creative and intuitive designer with a passion for using both standard ie digital tools as well as using her experience with a variety of hands on mediums like paint, ink and so on.
Alex has been the designer for Soul Story Creative since 2015 and has been co-creator of the Soul Story Brand Guide with Lee. 
Alex makes us all look amazing!


Business Manager, Client Relations, "Keeps It All Together" Woman

Melissa is the nuts and bolts of the operation and makes Lee's life so much easier! She takes care of the processes, social media, and the day to day tasks here at Soul Story Creative.

Her background is in finance and after working in corporate for many years she decided to venture out on her own so she could make more time for her family and help others achieve their business dreams. 

Call on Melissa if you need help with any aspect of your Soul Story Brand! 


The journey to authenticity is never over my friend.
We need collaboration and we need each other. 
Besides, it’s a lot more fun that way! 
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